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3 Cosmetic Dental Procedures That Improve Your Smile

Your smile is the first thing others notice about you. A pearly white smile leaves others with a good impression and gives you confidence in yourself. However, dental issues can and do occur, leaving us without that confident, impressionable smile. A cosmetic dentist has a solution. No matter the type of imperfection that’s hurt your smile, several procedures can restore your smile. The three procedures below are among the many services a cosmetic dentist offers.

tooth implant procedure port charlotte

1- Dental Implants

For anyone missing one or more teeth from their mouth, dental implants offer a fantastic restorative method that is much better than dentures that can come loose and slip out of the mouth. Implants are not removable, make eating and talking easier and when taken care of properly, can last a lifetime. Learn more about how implants improve your smile and the tooth implant procedure port charlotte and get back the smile that you love.

2- Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the most common service a cosmetic dentist offers. This service shouldn’t be confused with dental cleaning, a service performed at each dental exam. Whitening uses a bleaching solution to remove stains and other imperfections from the teeth, restoring your smile once again. This non-invasive procedure is needed only once per year to keep the teeth and smile protected.

3- Dental Veneers

Dental veneers cover chips, cracks and other imperfections on the front of the teeth. They’re long-lasting and affordable for most budgets. The thin, wafer-like, tooth-colored material prevents further damage to the teeth while also hiding imperfections. Veneers are used by thousands of people every year.

The procedures above are a few examples of the ways a cosmetic dentist can protect and prolong your beautiful smile even when imperfections threaten the way.